About us





During a trip to Italy, Olivia our founder finds herself on the Amalfi Coast. At the bend of an alley, somewhere between Ravello and Capri, Olivia finds herself having a Limoncello tasting. While tasting, she couldn’t help but notice the Italian sandals: a leather sole, a few straps and an elegance of surprising simplicity.


Inspired by the Italian Dolce Vita, from Roman sandals to our favorite aperitivo "the Bruschetta", the Brooskette brings the beach back to the city. A timeless urban sandal. The Brooskette woman is confident, sexy, joyful and active. She laughs loudly, sometimes speaks too quickly and devours life to the fullest.


Brooskette is not only synonymous with modernity in its identity. We have paid particular attention to the choice of leathers and our packaging, all certified eco-responsible and advocate slow-fashion through our sandals made to measure only.


Each pair is made in Portugal. Our specialized “cooks” craft each Brooskette with care and respect so that each order combines comfort and durability.